Dental Abutments


(ORS) O-Ring #3 black rings Standard 12 Pack

(ORS) O-Ring Analog O-Ring Overdenture Analog Standard #3 each

(ORS) O-Ring Castable Male O-Ring Castable Male Standard #3 each

(ORS) O-Ring Retainer #3 Metal Retainer Standard each

(ORS) O-Ring Standard #3 complete attachment with housing: 3 white final rings, 1 red processing ring, metal retainer ring, & processing analog

Hader Alignment Housing


Hader Aluminum Analog each


Hader Blue Riders (Worn Bars)

Hader Gold Rider round bars, Occlusal Metal Riders Gold, (Mesial/Distal) each

Hader Insertion Tool


Hader Red Riders (Increased)


Hader White Riders (Decreased)

Hader Yellow Riders (Standard)

Location Impression Coping

Locator Analog 4 mm

Locator Denture Cap w/black processing Male 4 pack

Locator Insert Driver (Latch Type)

Locator Insert Driver (Square Type)


Locator Latch to Square Driver Insert

Locator Male Processing 2 Pack

Locator Replacement Male

Preci-Sagix Complete Plastic

Preci-Sagix Complete wp/w housing

Preci-Sagix Female Combo 6 pack

Preci-Sagix Female Duplication Dummy

Preci-Sagix Model Analog

Preci-Sagix Plastic Castable Male

Preci-Sagix Red Female (Increased)

Preci-Sagix Universal Insertion Tool

Preci-Sagix White Female (Decreased)

Preci-Sagix Yellow Female (Standard)